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Where to find the data center generators you need – 
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Think about all the things you need your data center generators to do. Not just provide power. Not only to be unfailingly reliable. But also to be customizable. To be manufactured to the highest standards. And to be on time and on budget. Now think how easy life could be if all those things were possible from one genset supplier offering fully integrated genset services all under one roof.

Our integrated genset services

Kohler has all the capabilities to meet your data center generator power generation requirements, all in one place.

  • Designing customizable data center generator solutions
  • Engineering and manufacturing them to the highest production standards
  • Bespoke testing to meet your specifications

See our genset services for yourself

Discover what gives Kohler the power, to give you the power, for your data center. Watch our video that takes you right inside our one-stop-shop for your data center generators.

Powering up capacity in the data center generator market

Lead times for data generators are not getting any shorter. Unless you know where to look. Kohler’s flexible manufacturing capabilities can help you to avoid the global generator supply constraints and find the gensets you need, when you need them. Take a look at our eBook  to find out how we can successfully deliver your hyperscale and co-location projects.

Kohler - Powering up gen set capacity in the data center market

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Safety and quality

Our top priorities

Data Center
Advanced MedioMatrix - France

Production lines

Kohler DC capacity infographic

Investment in production

Customer demand for high-quality and reliable data center generators is growing fast. Kohler’s investment in production facilities is growing too. 

This infographic shows how our $6m investment is being spent at our Brest facility to meet and anticipate our customers’ needs.