Sustainable power generation, now and tomorrow

The climate crisis is happening right now, all around us, and we must all do what we can to help solve the problem. Diesel generators for data center emergency power contribute to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – but Kohler is working to minimize their impact, and develop new technologies to replace diesel.

Kohler Sustainability Infographic

Sustainable power in action

For the sustainable data center, how can operators ensure their mission-critical operations are protected, without unnecessary pollution and emissions? Kohler’s engineers are continuously refining the technology of our data center diesel generators, to make them greener.

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Kohler DC Sustainability eBook

Diesel and beyond

Right now, it’s imperative that we maximize the efficiency of our diesel gensets. We’re also making sure they can use sustainable biofuel, to help data centers reach carbon neutral as soon as possible.

Looking ahead, we know that other technologies are the future, and will eventually replace diesel. We’re developing emergency power solutions based on batteries and fuel cells, to deliver the sustainable power that tomorrow’s data centers demand.

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Kohler Sustainability Blog

With a long-term commitment to reach net-zero GHG across its operations by 2035, Kohler is investing massively in sustainability: both by minimizing diesel emissions, and adopting new technology. 

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Kohler HVO Press release

Kohler Power Systems, part of Kohler Co., has announced that its entire offering of mission-critical diesel generators is compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), marking a significant breakthrough in the usage of alternative fuels in backup power.