Rental generating sets

The Rental Power range of generating sets is made up of 6 large families of products. Its aim is to offer power solutions tailored specifically to the conditions and constraints of the rental market.

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Generating sets with reinforced frames, designed to meet the demands of the rental market: manoeuvrability, safety and stability.


Lighting towers in both site and road versions offer a light source for any type of environment.


Generating sets that incorporate high-performance sound-reduction technology. An ideal range for sensitive environments, such as events and urban areas.

Rental compact

An innovative concept that gives rental customers concrete solutions. Robust generating sets with functional designs that combine ingenuity, compactness and performance.

Rental power

Rental generating sets that offer mobility combined with high power, available in two versions with or without options.


The perfect range for large-scale operations: high-power generating sets, soundproofed in containers.

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