Declaration of CSR policy

SDMO industries carries out and develops its activity in respect of its CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility), which was officially declared on 15/06/2012 by the company’s Managing Director, Jean-Marie Soula.

CSR Policy SDMO Industries

« Since its creation, SDMO has developed around values such as team spirit, respect for commitments to customers, innovation, trust, and responsiveness. Our company has indeed always been able to adapt itself to develop products that respond the market needs while controlling costs. This quality has enabled to provide it with growth and stability and a strong close relationship with its customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders....

To keep on ensuring its durability I have decided to formalize a practical approach to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). This approach will allow us to formalize and finalize the decisions and actions taken to control the impact of our activities and ensure sustainability economically, environmentally and on the societal level. The way we do things is indeed just as important as the result.

To carry out this process I defined the following objectives around five strategic areas:

• Our Customers : Continue to maintain our customer awareness and fulfill our commitments,

• Our employees: With the help of the associates  and through constructive dialogue, make our company an employer of choice, encourage the transmission of our expertise in all areas of our business,

• Our products: With our partners and suppliers, implement solutions and innovative products to be able to offer products with less impact on our environment and increase our responsible purchasing policy

• Our company: Minimize the environmental impact of our business and provide our company the means to ensure its competitiveness, have identified and selected the best options and be prepared to deal with potential risks,

• Our Territory: Prioritize our place in the local community.

This strategy is integrated into our day-to-day functioning, however in order to ensure the proper development, I set up a CSR working group driven by two coordinators: Olivier Corre and Sophie Morvan whose mission is the implementation of an action plan to achieve these goals.This approach is likely to succeed only if we are able to satisfy the interests of all the actors involved and to continue to develop a strong partnership with each of them in accordance with the objectives to ensure the sustainability of the company with the best results.

I am sure I can count on the commitment of all so that strategic and operational approach contributes to our longevity,

Jean Marie SOULA »