Records of CSR action

Mindful of the local area that witnessed our growth and the people who have contributed to this, we, SDMO industries, carry out and develop our activity in respect of our CSR policy  (Corporate Social Responsibility). Our company continually scrutinize its current processes and reflects on ways to improve their effectiveness within this framework.

Through this approach, we are committed on a daily basis to implementing actions of improvement in order to fulfil the requirements that we have set for ourselves in 5 strategic areas:  

Our employees

Our business

Our local area

Our customers

Sheet no.W01 : SDMO acquires electric vehicles
Sheet no.W02 : Upstream & semi-finished products logistics reorganisation
Sheet no.W03 : SDMO hybrid solutions
Sheet no.W04 : Reduction of load testing times
Sheet no.W05 : Optimization of printed communications media
Sheet no.W06 : Recycling office paper