Generating set

R330C5 Power Products Generating set, equipped with a JOHN DEERE engine.

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General characteristics

Engine brand JOHN DEERE
Engine type 6090CP550
Performance class G3
Frequency 50
Reference voltage 400/230
Standard control panel APM403


Stage V engine
Four-pole circuit breaker
Connection terminal box rental type
Containment fuel tank and large autonomy
Forks and frame protection pads
Adjustable earth fault protection and earthing rod
Inlet air preheating
Battery isolating switch
Oil drainage pump
Heavy duty air filter with interchangeable cartridge
Primary fuel filter
Heat hand protections (EC standards)
Access door to the radiator
Electronic governor with speed adjustement

Power ratings

Voltages ESP PRP Back-up
kWe kVA kWe kVA
400/230 264 330 240 300 476