Generating set

K17M Power Products Generating set, equipped with a KOHLER KDI engine.

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Engine brand KOHLER KDI
Engine type KDI1903M
Performance class G2
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Voltage (V) 230 single phase
Standard Control Panel APM303


Mechanic governor
Mechanically welded chassis with antivibration suspension
Main line circuit breaker
Radiator for core temperature of 48/50°C max with mechanical fan
Protective grille for fan and rotating parts (CE option)
9 dB(A) silencer supplied separately
Charger DC starting battery with electrolyte
12 V charge alternator and starter
Delivered with oil and coolant -30°C
Manual for use and installation


Voltages ESP PRP Back-up
kWe kVA kWe kVA
240 MONO 15.5 15.5 14.1 14.1 65
230 MONO 15.5 15.5 14.1 14.1 67
220 MONO 15.5 15.5 14.1 14.1 70