The KD1100 takes pride of place at Powerbridge

Our distributor Powerbridge, situated in the Czech Republic, has moved into new premises, where on 7 September they received nearly seventy visitors and presented the KD Series, including the KD1100, the focus of everyone’s attention.

The city of Brno in the south-east of the Czech Republic was where our local distributor, Powerbridge, organized the showing of the KD Series on 7 September. The opportunity of combining the official opening of their new premises with something of a trade show was not to be missed. Seventy visitors, customers and representatives from engineering design bureaux came along. Guests were free to look around the new Powerbridge offices at their own pace throughout the day. 

Meanwhile our distributor showed off the capabilities of the KD Series and its control units, ably assisted by Stéphane Nedelec and Denis Calves. Powerbridge had not stinted on resources, setting up a KD1100 and the APM303, APM403 and APM802 control units on the site, so everyone could see for themselves what was being talked about. Having the equipment actually present allowed them not just to give instructions but carry them out in practice during two key events: starting the KD1100 and giving a dynamic demonstration of the three controllers.

Guests enjoyed pleasant conversation in a marquee erected for the occasion, with wine or a meal provided. All attendees went home very enthusiastic after a most congenial and enriching day - an experience we hope will be repeated in 2019 with a new Power Solutions meeting.

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