Pro Com navigates a route for KOHLER-SDMO gensets

Our distributor Pro Com employed significant resources to deliver generating sets to one of the islands off the coast of Trinidad.

Trinidad is an island in the South Caribbean close to Venezuela. With the neighbouring island of Tobago, it forms the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The country's largest island is also home to the capital city, Port of Spain. To the west of Port of Spain is Monos, one of the "Bocas Islands" between Trinidad and Venezuela. 

It's in this isolated and difficult-to-access location that our local distributor, Pro Com, succeeded in delivering and installing a J100 UM to provide back-up power to a residential complex. Pro Com's ability to organise this tricky operation was immediately rewarded, as the customer subsequently ordered two more gensets.

Yet another lucky KOHLER-SDMO product basking in the Caribbean sun...