KOHLER-SDMO groups in emergency aid to Indonesia

Some of the electricity generating sets supplied to the NGO Électriciens Sans Frontières, of which KOHLER-SDMO is a partner, have just taken off for Indonesia to support emergency aid following the earthquake that occurred at the end of September.

KOHLER-SDMO is an official partner of the Électriciens Sans Frontières association, with which it signed an agreement at the French Foreign Ministry on 19 December 2017. 17 of the 52 generating sets offered to the association have just set of in the direction of Indonesia to supply emergency electricity following the earthquake and Tsunami that struck on 28 September. While the situation is worsening daily, our generating sets are being taken to site with voluntary support from TDL (Transports du Léon), also a partner of the NGO.
They are being sent by military aircraft from the airport at Châlons-en-Champagne, to Palu in Sulawesi. On site, they will be collected by the NGO's teams, officially recognised as beneficial to the public at large since 2013.

As Guy Seznec, Projects Coordinator for the association's Brittany delegation, explains: "Électriciens Sans Frontières is involved on two fronts, water and energy in the broader sense. In this type of emergency situation, the priority is to be able to restore clean water to the populations, by installing generating sets on small pumping stations. This is to avoid the development of illness or epidemics. The second aim is then to recreate centres for life to provide, in particular, the minimum communications to enable survivors to reassure their families".
KOHLER-SDMO began its collaboration with ESF nearly 2 years ago, following Solidarity Day, and is determined to continue the partnership. Solidarity Day, in which the employees of SDMO Industries were individually involved, made it possible to overhaul 73 portable generating sets.

Réalisation : id3i.fr