Welcome to the new head office!

The head office of SDMO Industries has moved, taking up its new location in February this year right next to the KERGARADEC plant.

Farewell to the ageing head office in Rue de la Villeneuve, welcome to the newly renovated buildings in Rue de Kerervern!

Located alongside the Kergaradec plant, since February the new premises have been home to all Sales, HR, Accounts and senior management personnel, quickly followed by Marketing.

After getting their bearings, the comfort and brightness of the new arrangements have received general acclaim from its occupants. High on the list is the Conference Centre offering a wide range of meeting rooms, a number of which are of a modular design to accommodate large-scale events. 
Also worthy of note are certain aspects in keeping with the company's CSR policy, such as automatic lighting with light and/or movement sensors and water-saving toilet flushes. 
We look forward to seeing you there!