SDMO Industries and ISO 14001 certification

One year ago SDMO Industries obtained ISO 14001 certification, crowning 2 years' work and, above all, reflecting the commitment to a process commenced many years earlier. 

SDMO Industries obtained ISO 14001 certification

The roots of the initiative lay in the need to meet the requirements of the ICPE environmental legislation at the Kergaradec site. Provisions had already been made when the plant was built in 1995 and during the extension 17 years later. More recent installations such as the compactors, bunds for liquid pollutants and the rainwater recovery tanks were implemented in line with our approach based on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which is fully supported by KOHLER's highly pro-active policy in this area.

With one thing leading to another, CSR has taken an increasingly prominent position in overall strategy, becoming a priority initiative leading to numerous changes. This was accompanied by increasing commercial pressure with our customers making ever more demands, requiring guarantees regarding our commitment in this field.In March 2014 obtaining ISO14001 certification was incorporated within our CSR action plan, validated under Management Review. In 2015, we received a Sustainability Award from KOHLER in recognition of our commitment as demonstrated by our efforts in the area of waste reduction and lower consumption of water and energy.

 In March of the same year, the ISO14001 project began with an initial environmental audit. A report was drawn up by the AQSE in order to establish the objectives and define an action plan. The first stage of the project, namely an environment management system (EMS), was coordinated by QSE, HSE and Corporate Services. 

Action was implemented in three main areas:

  • Introduction of risk analysis sheets to control environmental impact (Significant Environmental Impact, or SEA);
  • Preparation for emergency situations (such as exercises simulating a spillage of toxic liquid);
  • Creation of an action plan to adopt a process of continuous improvement.

After more than one year of work, in June 2016 SDMO Industries obtains KEMS Tier II, the KOHLER environmental management programme. An encouraging sign for the whole team involved, work continued until certification was obtained in October of the same year.This official commitment enables us to demonstrate our high level of excellence to customers and partners and helps us to meet the requirements demanded by various institutions. The next stage will take place in March 2018 with a renewal audit for our 2 certifications, namely ISO 9001 and ISO 1400