Kohler Power Systems and SDMO Industries meet in Strasbourg to make a historic announcement

Between 17 and 20 October this year the Global Power Event took place in Strasbourg, bringing together distributors of Kohler Power Systems and SDMO for a major announcement: completion of Project Liberty. A summary of the four days packed with announcements and news.

8:30, Monday 17 October 2016. The press conference kicks off in the meeting rooms of the Strasbourg Hilton to give the journalists a preview of the thrust of the four days to follow: arrival of the KD Series within the range of the new Kohler-SDMO brand, fitted with Kohler engines exclusively designed and constructed for this use. This announcement saw the emergence of a new level of autonomy and the construction of a new dynamic, notably with more responsive and fully independent Customer Services.

17:00, Monday 17 October 2016. The plenary session opens. 184 SDMO and KPS distributors are present. David Kohler and Hervé Prigent accompanied by Larry Bryce and Jean Marie Soula lead the event for over an hour, revealing the new strategy and Kohler-SDMO logo to the network. The cocktail party afterwards gave everyone the opportunity for a debriefing and to enjoy the implications of this strategic development. Any unanswered questions would receive a response during the following day.

9:00, Tuesday 18 October 2016. The 65 KPS distributors from 50 US, Asian and Indian companies begin rotation sessions in the 4 workshops: Customer Services & Spare Parts, Network Organisation, Communication Tools & Media and Product Knowledge. Led by Kohler Power Systems personnel, these sessions, each lasting one hour thirty, provided an opportunity for in-depth questioning and explanations.
During this period, the 119 SDMO Industries distributors accompanied by SDMO representatives made a tour of our exclusive partner plant for this groundbreaking project.

9:00, Wednesday 19 October 2016.
The roles are reversed. While members of the SDMO Industries network take up position in the workshops, this time led by personnel from Brest, the Kohler personnel accompanied by their distributors leave for the site of our partner. Along the circuit at the brand new plant, specially put together for this project, the participants find out about the assembly lines and test benches. The benefits of 6 KD Series gensets were highlighted in the showroom.

19:00, Wednesday 19 October 2016. The day was rounded off with a gala dinner and the eagerly anticipated address by Herbert Kohler, who confirmed his absolute confidence in the new joint strategy.

6:00, Thursday 20 October 2016.
With great enthusiasm at the conclusion of this Global Power Event, the participants join up for a final breakfast together. Some of them closed out their stay with a visit to our facilities in Brest, accompanied by SDMO Industries personnel. The others take the road back home, more committed than ever to their work and already impatient to extol the virtues of this change of direction to their own staff and customers.

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