Brest moves to the American beat

On Thursday 22 June, an official ceremony was held in Brest to commemorate the disembarkation of US troops 100 years ago. A symbolic moment for KOHLER SDMO.

 100 years ago, US troops disembarked in Brest to support the allies during World War One. Alongside St Nazaire, one of the 2 disembarkation ports in Europe, the Breton city remains deeply affected by the episode. In memory of this momentous period of history, a ceremony was held at the foot of the American Monument on Thursday 22 June. This solemn event took place at the moment the 6 warships arrived at the port of Brest, of 6 different nationalities: American, Brazilian, German, Canadian, British and Irish.

On the conclusion of this moving event, a reception was held by the special guests invited by the mayor, François CUILLANDRE. Philippe FOREST represented our company, a symbol of the Franco-American alliance. He was accompanied by Larry TEELING, our colleague from KOHLER, who is in immersion training at the Marketing Department for 3 months. 

The day continued with a lunch against the background of the sounds of jazz, brought to Brest in 1917 via the US presence before spreading throughout Europe. The participants were accompanied by music throughout the day, first of all at the conservatory of music with the Brittany Symphony Orchestra, and subsequently at Ateliers des Capucins, with a concert by the Matheus ensemble. 
Brest will continue to resonate to the American beat until December, with a series of events at various sites of the region: concerts, exhibitions, seminars, special trips, theatre... all in an atmosphere of remembrance and friendship.