Our RSE policy

Located in the Brest region since 1966 and represented internationally, SDMO Industries has become an influential company, particularly in the market for power and power generating sets. Aware of its position, it now formalises a line of conduct by stating its RSE policy.

It is more than ever committed to meeting the requirements of its market, while meeting its commitments on five strategic directions that it has defined, namely: its customers, employees, products, company and country. It is documenting its approaches by progressively putting themed action sheets online.

SDMO Industries is committed to a proactive approach to reducing greenhouse gases, illustrated by the BEGES report published in November 2012.

The company is also developing action on gender equality, equity and parenthood within the Kohler Group. In accordance with its legal obligations, SDMO Industries presents the result to the calculation of the F / H equality index for 2021, as defined by the Law of September 5, 2018: 79/100.

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