Generating set

KD4000-E Power Products Generating set, equipped with a KOHLER KD Series engine.

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Engine brand KOHLER KD Series
Engine type KD103V20-5BES
Performance class G3
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Voltage (V) 11000V - 50Hz
Standard Control Panel M80-D


Benefits & features KOHLER SDMO premium quality - KOHLER SDMO provides one source responsibility for the generating system and accessories - The generator set, its components and a wide range of options have been fully developed, prototype tested, factory built, and production-tested - The generator sets are designed in accordance to ISO8528-5 performance class G3 - Smooth running thanks to engine conception and integral vibration isolation mounts between components and skid KOHLER SDMO premium performances Engines - Low fuel consumption thanks to a high technology common rail injection engine - A smaller footprint thanks to a high power density - Low temperature starting capability - Long maintenance interval Alternator - Provide industry leading motor starting capability - Excitation system to permit sustained overcurrent > 300% In, during 10 sec - Built with a class H insulation and IP23 Cooling - A flexible solution using an electrical driven radiator fan - High temperature and altitude product capacity, running without power derating Control Panel The KOHLER SDMO wide controller range provide the reliability and performances you expect from your equipment. You can program, manage and diagnose it easily and in an efficient way KOHLER SDMO worldwide support - A standard three-year or 1000-hour limited warranty for standby applications - A standard two-year or 8700-hour limited warranty for prime power applications - A worldwide product support


Voltages ESP PRP Back-up
kWe kVA kWe kVA
11000/6350 3240 4050 2945 3680 213